It's a bumby road

Winding turns

With many a winding turn thrown in the catch us up.And we didn't just get up one morning and decide to start a small boutique business manufacturing cold process soaps and body butters neither! My wife asked me one day to look into how you'd go about making olive oil-based soaps so I did. She like a lot of other people we have since found out were having problems with the commercial soap alternatives being offered for sale.

So, my research began.First,I looked at the ways in which olive oil-based soaps were made and found a whole swoddy of information via Google's search engines from company's websites willingly providing details on how you go about making cold process soaps including formulas and counters for calculating your quantities.

The next thing I looked at was how the soaps were made,equipment needed to perform the processes and found out that the soaps can be made to start with by simply using most kitchen everyday use utensils and appliances. And so, we began to make soaps for ourselves firstly then we started to give our soaps away as gifts to extended family and friends.

The first batches of soaps we made seemed fine, looked and smelled great but it was only when you started using them with water that you found that adding to much of one ingredient over another can have some disastrous results - so it pays to follow a recipe! The steps are there for a reason, don't be tempted to add a little bit more of this or that because the results will be very unexpected. We made a batch of soaps and added too much red clay to the batch and when we used them the soap colour run all over the place making a huge mess our friends were not happy.
In another batch of soaps, I put too much castor oil in the batch and the soaps turned into square shaped rubber blocks - too much castor oil can turn your soaps very rubberised indeed!

Eventually I bought some better equipment got more organised and created our own unique formulas and recipes,made a lot more soap,decided we had developed a very good product that other people would want to buy,registered a business name and began to sell our soaps and body butters at farmers markets and craft fairs.

Sounds simple,ha-ha!!!
By Mal Thorpe - Soapology Tasmania


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