We create/design and manufacture our handmade soaps and body butters from a small peaceful hamlet named Elliott, on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

Body Wash Liquid Soaps

Woo hoo!!!

Our customers have been asking us to develop a range of Body Wash Liquid soaps and yes we have succeeded.

Success after many trials,and heaps of testing, Soapology Tasmania has added Body Wash Liquid soaps to our range of products!!!! These babies will give you a super lather,and all the bubbles you need to experience the most luxuriant all over body pampering.

It's a bumby road

June 27, 2018
Winding turns
With many a winding turn thrown in the catch us up.And we didn't just get up one morning and decide to start a small boutique business manufacturing cold process soaps and body butters neither! My wife asked me one day to look into how you'd go about making olive oil-based soaps so I did. She like a...
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Testing and Design

We test our soap creations to gauge public acceptance of our products first by attending and selling at various local farmers and or craft markets in the local area on a regular basis. And listening to what people have had to say about our products. We have found that this is a great way to ascertain peoples acceptance of the soap products that we have endeavored to create.

Our packaging has been design with this concept in mind from the start. You can pick up a soap block and smell the product through the wrappings and then read the the ingredients listing on each individual soap or body butter without opening or unwrapping the product.


Our pricing is a reflection of our local market research and is geared so that we retain you as valuable return customers.

We want you to return to our online shop and continue to purchase our soap products with the knowledge that you are receiving great value for money.


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